MIXTAPE : Songs To Bake To! By GBBO’s Steven Carter-Bailey




Steven is a baker, TV personality, marketeer and now food teacher. He was a finalist on Great British Bake Off and the winner of Great New Year Bake Off – so he knows a thing or two about being in the kitchen – and we want to know what songs get him cooking on gas! 

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Steven: My musical taste is so varied that I struggled to pick 10 songs! I always listen to music when I bake and each song I’ve selected means something to me and is on one of my various playlists. A lot of the music I listen to is quite melancholic, but I don’t hide tears, in fact I embrace them!


1) Will Young – You and I

I’ve had a secret love for Will since I was 18 and this was one of my teeny bopper favourites of his!
2) Dolly Parton – Wild Flowers

Dolly is life and she was my gateway into country music. This song is a beautiful description of not fitting in and a journey to find a place where she did.
3) Fleetwood Mac – Gypsy

My Mum brought me up on FM and I’ve loved them since I was a child. I cried when I listened to Stevie sing this live – her voice is sensational.
4) Miley Cyrus – Midnight Sky

Speaking of Stevie Nicks, Miley’s vocals on this track are so similar to Stevie’s and it’s such a great song to run or bake to! 
5) Little Mix – Secret Love Song, Pt ll 

I love the band and all their songs so much! This song is actually about a couple who cannot be together and the pain they experience – I can relate… plus Jade sings it so beautifully and with raw emotion.
6) Sia – Bird Set Free

The only acting album was all I listened to as I prepared for the Bake Off! This song reminded me of how I was letting go of my insecurities 
7) Disclosure & Eko Roosevelt – Tondo

This reminds me of training for a marathon with my sister, but is perfect to bake to as well.
8) Mama Cass – Make Your Own Kind of Music

I’m a secret hippy and love Mama Cass! This songs helped me to stick to my own style and never change to please others!
9) Ane Brun – By Your Side

This is such a haunting song, but the words are so beautiful! It always makes me cry, but sometimes I need to.
10) T-Rex – I Love to Boogie
The ultimate feel good song!