MIXTAPE: Underloved 90’s Songs – By @IamthirtyAF

A mixtape curated by the team behind the hilariously funny @IamthirtyAF on Instagram. LOL content for millennials and beyond, helping you navigate life with a smile when you’re thirty-something as fu*k.

They also release a bi-annual box of original + inspired 90s goodies. Check them out on Insta and stay tuned for their summer box!


Under-loved 90’s Songs


Jennifer Love Hewitt – Barenaked

Why J. Love’s musical career didn’t take off is beyond me. This song is a classic in my book. 


Blaque – Bring It All To Me

I originally bought this album because of J.C. Chasez’s cameo. It’s filled with bops. 


Willa Ford – I Wanna Be Bad

To this day I close my eyes and imagine myself being as slutty as possible while listening to this. 


Nobody’s Angel – I Can’t Help Myself

Nobody’s Angel should have had a life as long as Dream or B*Witched. Their peak was their cameo in Disney’s iconic “Model Behaviour.”

Britney Spears – Autumn Goodbye

It always breaks my heart when millennials tell me they’ve never heard Autumn Goodbye. It was a bonus track on the Baby One More Time single and if you don’t know it, shame on you, really. 


M2M – Don’t Say You Love Me

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This gem from the Pokemon movie soundtrack was underappreciated, as were M2M. 


Solid Harmonie – I’ll Be There For You

When you popped *NSYNC’s first album into your computer (yes, it doubled as a CD ROM!!!), you’d see Solid Harmonie’s video for “I’ll Be There For You.” I’ve been playing this song on repeat since 1998.


Evan and Jaron – Crazy For This Girl 

Evan and Jaron (AKA Rob Lowe if he were hot identical twin brothers) never got the credit they deserved.


A*teens – Halfway Around the World

I fucking love/d A*teens and always will.


IMX – Stay the Night

Roger from Sister Sister was in this trio (formerly known as iMMATURE). Fun hookup song!!

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