MIXTAPE: The Best Non-Single Britney Songs (by @ItsBritneyMeme)



A MIXTAPE brought to you by @ItsBritneyMeme, a GLUE Instagram favourite and one of the best sources for Britney memes on the Internet.

Like any diehard Britney Spears fan (or as we have self-proclaimed ourselves, The Britney Army) knows most of Britney’s best songs aren’t even her hit singles. For this list we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 12 Britney Spears Non-single songs (in no particular order):


The Hook Up

This is a club anthem, a song that will get you to stand up and move every part of your body. The song is hypnotizing. 


Love Me Down

This song, like in most of the songs off of GLORY, has that hit of early 00’s pop¬†+ today’s pop music. It’s definitely¬†one of the songs in my cardio playlist.¬†
Ooh Ooh Baby

What is a Britney song without the word ‘Baby’ in it?… Well, for this pick, Britney says the word ‘Baby” approximately 86 times while delivering lyrics about this person that is so good at sex that makes her orgasm by almost anything they do.¬†
Get Back

Two words: CLUB ANTHEM !
Unusual You

I like this song because it’s about meeting someone that has surprised¬†you in every way and hasn’t disappointed you, and you see yourself¬†falling hard for this person. It’s about someone that you know will ultimately¬†either break your heart into a million pieces or will make you feel as alive¬†as you ever will.¬†
Get Naked (I Got A Plan)

This is one of my personal favourite Britney Spears songs of all time. The beat is sick, It seduces my ears and its lyrics bring out my inner hoe. This is the kind of song that can lift up my mood and definitely change my day for the better.
Out From Under

This song is heart-breaking and those who have ever been in love will definitely know the feeling of seeing someone from the past show up in your life again, but then you remember that you have to let go and move on. It’s a really sad song.
Inside Out

Another ballad about breaking up (I see we have a theme here, lol). For this pick I like how Britney is ready to end the relationship but not without one last hot-nasty-hook-up. Sickening beat too.
Up ‘N Down

If this song doesn’t release your inner hoe at the club or get you to do a few of Britney’s iconic hair flips while you’re sitting in traffic, you’re obviously doing something wrong in your life, sweetie!
Coupure √Člectrique

“I don’t know WTF she’s saying, but girl I am living!”
We don’t know what the future looks like for Britney. At this time she is on a work STRIKE until her father, Jamie Spears, is removed as a Co-conservator of her conservatorship. So, to this date, That’s our top 10 non-singles from the legendary Miss Britney Spears. #FreeBritney