MIXTAPE: Songs To Pole To – By @PoleLOLs


PoleLols is an absolutely essential Instagram follow for anyone who is a fan of the pole! It’s memes, Pole and Ariel fails, giveaways and loads of fun pole-related posts! Become a ‘Pole Destroyer, do classes online or in real life (when we’re allowed) and check out their shop for t-shirts, bath bombs, phone cases, masks and goodies galore.¬†

These are Dan from PoleLOLs top tracks on their MIXTAPE:


1) )Pussycat Dolls- Buttons 

This song reminds me of being at a strip club and watching one of the most awesome stage dances ever! She killed it!
2) Kylie- Chocolate 

This song takes me back to my first time dancing in heels on stage. Kylie can be sexy too. She isn’t just camp classics ya know ūüėČ
3) Christina Aguilera – You Lost Me

This song is perfect for dancing to when you don’t want to be sexy. Just nice flowy movements. Its so relaxing I could listen to it all day.
4) Kylie- Sexercise 

Yes Kylie again. I’m gay! Sue me!!!¬†
5) Warrant- Cherry Pie 

Another strip club classic! Although every time I watch this it reminds me of the movie Bad Grandpa. haha. If you know, you know. If you wanna know.

6) The Cranberries- Zombie 

Another awesome rock song to dance to!
7) Perverse Ft Beezy- Cross Examination

Bit of a weird song but I won another competition to this song so I have a lot of good memories with it.
8) Truth- Broken 

A bit of dubstep goodness to pole dance to. 
9) Rhianna- Bitch Better Have My Money
Another awesome song – perfect to pole dance to and the music video is just cray cray! Now come on Rhi Rhi when you dropping another album. We have waited long enough.
10) Nothing Else Matters- Metallica 

One of my favourite songs to pole dance to! I love this song because I won Mr Pole Dance UK dancing to this song and its just awesome! 
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