MIXTAPE: Chart-Worthy Drag Queens – By @TheButchQween



TheButchQween is a hilariously funny gay meme page on Instagram who we STAN TF. An absolute must-follow in the world of Instagay, run by Jon, his knowledge of the celebrity drag world is undefeated and this is his mixtape for GLUE. Be sure to check out @TheButchQween on Instagram, along with its sister page, the somewhat naughtier @TheNutQween


Butch: So when asked to do this mixtape I started thinking of different ideas because I take my taste in music pretty seriously. So wanting to do something a little different, I chose to highlight some Drag Queen’s who are producing chart worthy music. Here’s my list!


1) Adore – Take me there 

I think Adore is my all time favourite Ru girl because like her, I’m a quirky colourful  libra who everyone keeps telling what they should and shouldn’t do. I chose this song because of its uplifting brightness, which we all need a little of at this time. 


2) Trixie – Little sister 

This is probably one of the most beautifully written songs I’ve ever heard (and I’m a fan of Britney), I’m still shook that there’s no video treatment for it. 


3) Jinkx Monsoon – Cartoons and vodka 

Cartoons and Vodka, what more do you need in life!! Well, I need those and a little Jinkx Monsoon too.


4) Frock Destroyers – Her Majesty 

Another song that came out too early but will hopefully be redoing the rounds this summer at the gay bars (seriously, Boris, don’t fuck it up for us Brits again).


5) Triple A girls – AAA

Not only is this from the minds of Willam, Alaska and Courtney, but also from the musical genius that is Sam Sparro (Alexa, play Black and Gold). 


6) Shea Coulee – Collide 

I could literally have picked any of Shea’s songs but this one always stood out to me. Her vocals are stunning and I love it when an artist who could slay any type of arrangement has the confidence to scale back. 


7) Tia Kofi – Outside in 

Next up I’ve picked ‘Outside In’ – which is destined to be a gay bar hit come the summer (fingers crossed). 


8) Willam – Uck Off

I’m not usually one for comedy music but when you get the comedic lyrical genius that is Willam mixed with Adele – how could I not?! 


9) Latrice and Manila – robbed 

What happens when you add two of my long time faves?? You get auto-tuned perfection and outstanding visuals, which Manila is well known for. 


10) The Vivienne – you Spin me round 

This list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include my hometown queen The Vivienne. Add to that a cover of the legend that is Pete Burns you’re left with dance floor perfection. 


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