The Queer Agenda: Cis-Hets in Queertown

Authors: The Homo Sapien Experience


I hope it’s just a phase.

Do that at home, it’s disrespectful.

You know they can get married, right?
I can’t imagine my child being raised by Queer parents.
As Queer people, we’ve heard these phrases carelessly tossed our way time and again.  Trying to simply exist in a heterodominant society can be truly exhausting.
Constantly we have to remind ourselves to not dim our lights to make others feel “comfortable.”  We can feel weighed down, ashamed, and trapped in our own lives, simply because we’re Queer.
Well bbs, here in Queertown, USA, that shit does not fly.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite. In The Queer Agenda: Cis-Hets in Queertown, we find our Homo Sapien Stars Kat Scott, Jace Ziev, Brandon Contreras, and Ixchel Mendez witnessing a very precarious act: Straight People PDA. 
We’ve all seen it: the tongues flying everywhere, the lips smacking at an ungodly rate, the animalistic sounds of a National Geographic documentary, perhaps even a flash mob proposal thrown into the mix, and all of this while we’re trying to enjoy our damn 15 minute lunch break!  We feel you, babe.
Watch as our Queer Stars witness the PDA of these straight people (played by the incredibly hilarious Brett Wyman and Natalia Leyva) in a way that feels all too familiar from the other side.  Filmed and edited by the incredible Joe Bach, this “flip of the script” narrative will leave you laughing, loving, and maybe even feeling a bit more spiritual…

Behind the Scenes

So this skit was actually a year and a half in the making!  The original idea came about at a Homo Sapien think tank meeting we had with a bunch of beautiful queer souls here in NYC.  That meeting happened in February of 2020, right before the pandemic hit.  After that Jace, Kat, Brandon, and I had occasional meetings to talk about this idea and flush it out.  It took 18 months, and a ton of elbow grease, but we could not be more PROUD of the final product!
Also, classic NYC story.  We filmed this skit in Central Park, on what felt like the hottest Summer day in New York.  As we were walking to set (AKA: two park benches in lower Central Park), we passed by this huge beautiful film set up.  We all joked saying, “Oh, thanks so much for putting this up for us!” but it wasn’t til we got closer that we realized it was Anderson Cooper interviewing Tony Bennett in honor of his last live concert with Lady Gaga.  We. Were. GAGGED! Anderson Cooper (Daddy) with Tony Bennett (Grand Daddy), who had all recently breathed the same air as our QUEEN, Gaga (The Daddy, the Mommy, and the everything else in between).  It was incredible. Only in New York baby.
Starring: Jace Ziev (@jacenziev), Kat Scott (@katscottonline), Brandon Contreras (@ohhey_brandon), Ixchel Mendez (@mayanmoondancer), Brett Wyman (@brett_wyman) and Natalia Leyva (@natalialeyvalezcano). Written By: Jacen Ziev, Katt Scott, Brandon Contreras, and Matt Curiano
Shot, Edited, & Colored By: Joe Bach of Joe Bach Media, check him out here:
Matt Curiano and Brandon Contreras are the creators of The Homo Sapien Experiencea Queer sketch comedy platform that shares stories of the human experience, emphasis on the “Homo”.  Along with their fellow friends, artists and community, they continue to create content that uplifts and celebrates the LGBTQIA+ experience, encouraging its authentic visibility around the world.
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