The Karen’s: Neighbourhood Watch

Authors: The Homo Sapien Experience


They’re here. They’re everywhere.


They’re walking your suburbs.  They’re “guarding” your streets.  They’re “protecting” your flower gardens.  They’re asking for your ID’s. They’re also a pain in the ass.  


The Karen.  She lives within most middle aged white women in America.  Caught on cell phones all around the country, they’re just dripping with ridiculousness, hilarity and danger – asking and demanding to see your manager immediately.  The Neighborhood Watch is a series where 4 best friend Karen’s protect the world from impending doom, or maybe just the fierce Lesbian couple coming their way!


What will they do next?  How will they be destroyed? Watch this epic battle unfold.


Written by: Matt Curiano (@mattycake89) & Brandon Contreras (@Ohhey_Brandon)

Starring: Matt Curiano, Brandon Contreras, Kathryn Allison (@kathryndallison), Justin Campbell (@themermancam), Gabby Velasquez (@G.vel) and Zen Vazquez (@miss._.zen)



Behind the Scenes Moment with Brandon

I think this may have been one of my favorite sketches to film.  

Our Homo Sapien series regulars Kathryn and Justin were the most perfect choice for our Karen’s. We filmed this all separately one at a time far away from each other due to COVID precautions.  So each corner was our tiny playground to yell and scream across.  

The bloopers of this day were some of my favorite to date. Matt in this blonde wig is just TO DIE for, he was really feeling himself that day.  Justin even got hit on with his full Karen regalia!  

This video was also so special to me because I got to work with my real life Queer cousin, Gabby (@g.vel) and her divine partner Zen (@miss._.zen).  They don’t consider themselves actors or artists at all so it was so fun to watch them let loose and have fun with Matt and I.  Because we filmed separately they didn’t even get to meet Kathryn and Justin!

Kathryn Allison (@kathryndallison) is a SEASONED comedian and songstress, you can catch her own brilliant performances on Instagram or coming this fall, COMPANY on Broadway. And Justin Campbell (@themermancam) is our sister from another mister.  Along with his swoon worthy dancing and singing, his incredible artwork can be found on his Instagram available for collaborations and commissions. (Fun Fact: He also designed our main logo for The Homo Sapien Experience!)



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