The Homo Sapien Experience: Gays at the pool be like…

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Pools.¬† Gays.¬† Gays and pools.¬† Was there ever a time when the two weren’t deeply intertwined?¬†


Pools are the queer equivalent of watering holes out in the wild.  A place where individuals congregate to socialize, sniff out pheromones, and feast on prey. 

You can score big or go home empty handed at the watering hole; that’s just the way it goes.¬† I personally cannot wait for the day when¬†National Geographic¬†finally does a special on this place.¬† Gays in their natural habitat. ¬† David Attenborough¬†get on it already!¬†

Gays at the Pool Be Like opens with three grazing animals soaking up the sun poolside: Nicolas de la Vega, Christopher deProphetis, and Matt Curiano. 
Suddenly, they are approached by a fox: Blake Price. 
He propositions them by asking if the seats next to them are taken.  A tense standoff ensues.  Followed by an impressive courtship and mating call. 
But will the gay gaggle be successful?  Anything is possible out at the watering hole.  Tune in and find out!


Starring: Nicolas de la Vega @nick_delavega  Christopher deProphetis @cdeprophetis Matt Curiano @mattycake89 and Dana Winkle @dana_winkle
Hot Dog Throwing by: Rachel Thalman @rachelthalman
Written and Edited by: Matt Curiano
Behind The Scenes
This is one of the first Homo Sapien sketches we ever filmed.  All of the people in this video were in a production of Oklahoma! with me at a theater in St. Louis. 
The pool we filmed at was part of a community pool where we were staying.¬† So while we were shooting this, the other patrons of the pool got a full show!¬† I’m still not sure to this day whether they were amused or horrified.¬† Probably a bit of both.¬†
Also, for the hot dog bit, I had my friend Rachel drop cold hot dogs on me for about 5 minutes straight.¬† Anything to get the shot!¬† I don’t think I ate a hot dog for about two years after that.¬†


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