The Homo Sapien Experience EXTRAS: Sex Sounds

The Homo Sapien Experience: EXTRAS
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“Are you vocal in the bedroom?”

For over a millenia now, gays have gathered at the watering hole (aka: brunch) and swapped stories from the Great Unkown of the bedroom. And it is this juicy question that provides us with a myriad of delicious and exciting responses. 
Some of us are ball-to-the-walls vocalists, with a three octave range and moans and groans that rival a sixty piece orchestra.  Others of us are soft and sensual, oooing and ahhhing in a glorious pianissimo that tantalizes and teases the earbuds. 
Some of us are even silent, serving mime-like realness as we navigate our hushed moments of intimacy.
All is to say, when it comes to vocals in the bedroom, we all have our own methods to get us to that metaphoric “hight note.”  
It is with this topic in mind that our story begins. We join in with Jax, Elijah, Brandon and Matt on a classic Sunday Brunch, drinking mimosas and spilling T. 
Soon enough the big Q gets dropped: “Are you Vocal in the Bedroom?” and  we find our besties off and running!  It starts with the trading of some small tips and tricks on bedroom vocality, but soon enough these besties are showing off their most impressive vocal techniques! 
All of this builds and builds into one glorious climax.  From soft to loud, high to low, in the end it doesn’t matter what kind of sounds you make in the bedroom, as long as they make you feel gooooooooood.
Take a look at SEX SOUNDS:

Starring: Brandon Contreras (@ohhey_brandon) Elijah Caldwell (@thisiscaldwellofficial) Jax Terry (@_jaxterry_) and Matt Curiano (@mattycake89)
Written By: Brandon Contreras & Matt Curiano
Edited By: Matt Curiano


Behind the Scenes

Okay, so we were laughing our asses off throughout the entire production of this lolol. 
Brandon and I came up with this idea one night after laughing about how funny sex sounds were.  As far as the actual sounds, I (Matt) searched online for some of the best animal sounds I could find.  Then we chose each one carefully to make sure that they built one on top of the other. 
When it came to filming we had each person literally lip syncing their animal sound which is a testament to the talents of these actors!!
And then the final song (“Diva Song” from the ICONIC movie The 5th Element.  If you haven’t seen it, go watch it now.  It is Queer cannon) was B’s brilliant idea and really just became the perfect finale.  

Matt Curiano and Brandon Contreras are the creators of The Homo Sapien ExperienceQueer sketch comedy platform that shares stories of the human experience, emphasis on the “Homo”. 

Along with their fellow friends, artists and community, they continue to create content that uplifts and celebrates the LGBTQIA+ experience, encouraging its authentic visibility around the world.
Join them on this wild ride known as The Homo Sapien Experience.
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