Queers in crisis: cars.

Cars.¬† We’ve all seen them before.¬† The red ones, the blue ones, the grey¬†ones.¬† The big ones.¬† The small ones.¬† But what actually¬†is¬†a car?¬† And how the hell are we supposed to know how to describe it?
This question has been debated over by the greatest minds of the world.¬† And in this paradox is where we find our hero, a gay man named Matt as he lands himself in one mysterious predicament: “Where’s my car??” ¬†
Don’t fret Matt, the Queers in Crisis Hotline is here to help!

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Created by: @the_homo_sapien_experience
Written by and Starring: Brandon Contreras @ohhey_brandon and Matthew Curiano @mattycake89
Also Starring: Maura Daly @mauracakes 
Edited by: Michael Witkes @hausofpancake