InstaGayz Lesson 101: What is a Shirt?

Authors: The Homo Sapien Experience


InstaGayz.  They’re everywhere. 

Ever scrolling through Instagram and wonder: “Does anyone know what a shirt is?”

Or  “Are we not doing shirts anymore and why did no one tell me?” 

Or even “I long for the days on Instagram when someone would post a blurry picture of their lunch at Olive Garden, because now I’m just drowning in a sea of torsos and nipples, and I don’t know what to do!”  

Well don’t worry bb, The Homo Sapien Experience has got you.  

Cue Kathryn Allison and Brandon Contreras, two esteemed professors at the “You Should Absolutely Know Better” Institute of Technology.  These fabulous teachers are here with an important lesson for InstaGayz everywhere.  But will their students pass the test?  Tune in to find out!

Written by: @mattycake89 and @ohhey_brandon 
Starring: Kathryn Allison @kathryndallison, Brandon Contreras @ohhey_brandon, Taylor Collins @taylorcollins5 , Alex Ringler @alexringler, and Brett-Marco Glauser
Edited by: Michael Witkes @hausofpancake and Matt Curiano @mattycake89
Behind the Scenes.
Okay so this video was very special to us because it was our first video that we filmed indoors in a post-vaccine world!!  It has been so tricky to film safely in a COVID, and because of that, we have had to put a lot of projects on hold. So it’s been amazing to get back in action!
Now onto the cast.  Two of the guys in this film we went to school with!  Taylor Collins was in our Musical Theatre Class, and Brett-Marco Glauser was a dance major at the same school.  Alex and I did a show together four years ago, and Brandon and Kathryn did a reading of The Secret Garden here in New York!  All of this is to say it was a full fledged reunion as we filmed this gem!!
Matt Curiano and Brandon Contreras are the creators of The Homo Sapien Experiencea Queer sketch comedy platform that shares stories of the human experience, emphasis on the “Homo”.  Along with their fellow friends, artists and community, they continue to create content that uplifts and celebrates the LGBTQIA+ experience, encouraging its authentic visibility around the world.
Join them on this wild ride known as The Homo Sapien Experience.
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