Gays at Brunch: The Bottom Dilemma

Author: The Homo Sapien Experience


*The Homo Sapien Experience always advise sensible and healthy eating habits and the below content uses satire*


We all know that moment. 
You’re about to head off to a fantastic, overpriced, bottomless brunch with our amazing friends when you get the text:
“Hey sexy wyd tonight?  I wanna stick my 🍆 in your 🍑
And just like that, our world is shaken.  We now stand at a crossroads – what to do?  See, that’s the thing about bottomless brunches, they are often just that: bottom- less! 
This video is dedicated to all of the incredible bottoms out there in the world who have had to “eat around” their sex life.  They are true saints and do not nearly get enough appreciation for their craft. 
Let’s be real, bottoms have been intermittent fasting long before it was cool, and will continue the practice it long after the fad disappears. And listen, we’re not saying every bottom has to go to this extent.  Some possess gifts that allow them to eat a breakfast burrito and head right into battle with not a care in the world.  To those brave souls, we bow down. 
As for the rest of us, we must make some sacrifices to ensure a safe journey.  And that is where we find our protagonist Matt, who discovers a whole new breakfast spot just for bottoms!  As he learns, Bottom Brunch “is a safe space where bottoms can experience the joys of eating during the day, even if they planned to get railed like the amtrak at night.” 
Taken in and shown the ropes by some generous new friends, Matt discovers just what goes into the art of being “an overly prepared bottom.”  But will Matt strike gold?  Video below to find out!

Written By: Matt Curiano (@mattycake89) & Brandon Contreras (@ohhey_brandon).
Starring: Jax Terry (@_jaxterry_) Luis Mora (@billingualbroadway) Cooper Howell (@thecooperhowell) Brandon Contreras (@ohhey_brandon) & Matt Curiano (@mattycake89)
Edited by: Matt Curiano (@mattycake89)
Behind the Scenes
So we filmed this literally the DAY BEFORE New York City shut down due to Covid.  The restaurant where this is filmed was the restaurant I used to work at: Toro NYC.  We filmed a few Homo Sapien skits in this location, and I was always so grateful to have such a bomb staff there that would let me film anything I needed! 
Anyway, I had to work a serving shift immediately following the shoot, and little did I know, it would be the last shift I would ever work at that restaurant.  The following day we got an email that the restaurant was not only be closing for COVID, but closing for good! 
So so so glad we shot this in time because it truly is one of our favorite skits ever.
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