BREAKING: Gay man gets vaccine

Authors: @The_Homo_Sapien_Experience

Hey bbs, quick question: did you get your vaccine yet? What’s stopping ya? Nervous?  Unsure what it’s like?  You think you don’t like needles? Well don’t you fret because The Homo Sapien Experience has got you covered! 

Join Matt, a gay man (shocker, I know), as he gets his first dose of the vaccine and discovers the experience is not so different than others he’s had…

As the doc (played by Will Meredith) says: “So I’m gonna stick this in, shoot it inside ya, and I’ll be finished in 3 seconds or less.”  Sounds all too familiar.  But for real everyone, get those vaccines now so we can all play and frolic this summer!

A Behind The Scenes Moment with Matt:

Okay, so here’s the T.  We filmed all of this in front of a green screen, and then the actual pictures of the doctors office were taken by myself when I had to go the doctor one time!  While waiting for them to come in, I hopped off the table and snapped a few shots!  Believable, right?  This video is also a sequel to our vid “Gay Man Gets a COVID Test” which you should definitely check out (also below)!

Gay man gets vaccine:

Written By & Starring: Will Meredith and Matt Curiano

Edited By: Kate Adamy and Matt Curiano

Gay man gets a COVID test:

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