6 secrets to queer dating in a straight world 

Author: Stephanie


I’ve been a single mom since 2016, so I’ve been on and off the apps ever since (Can anyone relate!?). Between coming out and COVID, the dating scene has become even more of an adventure for me!


Today I want to share a few of my best tips for navigating this crazy world we live in while being sexy and single (take notes gays, gals & non-binary pals).


1) Be honest and up-front about your intentions. Don’t lead someone on if you’re not looking for a relationship. Don’t act like you don’t want a relationship when you do! Just be honest. We’re too old to play games. It will save you a lot of hassle & heartache later.


2) On that note, it’s also best to reveal if you’re poly or monogamous, and if you have any gender preferences from the get-go. Again, no big surprises later.


3) That being said, don’t add everyone on social media right away. Okay, this might be controversial, but as someone who puts a lot out there on the internet, it might be too much too soon. Let people get to know you slowly and get the big stuff out of the way, enjoy the process.


4) Everyone’s queer journey is different. Are they out & proud yet? Are you? Neither is right or wrong, but it’s important that you’re on the same page. You don’t want to rush someone or slow them down.


5) Don’t get too attached to the outcome. It’s fine to be excited about someone new. That’s part of the thrill of dating! But always know that there are plenty of babes to go around and no one is the “be all, end all.” This can be hard to accept when you have your first queer heartbreak, but we are a growing community and before you know it you’ll be moving on.


6) Have fun and enjoy the adventure! Meet people. Make friends. Learn more about others and yourself. If you make a point to surround yourself with only the right people, the LGBTQ+ community is one of the most loving & accepting places you can be.


Author profile: Stephanie, pansexual, she/her. Follow Stephanie on Instagram right here