1) Name and basic stats

Ridick, gay, he/ him. Based in Madrid and I’m a porn actor and Onlyfans creator.

2) A random fact about me

When I was younger, I had two massive tarantulas the size of an adult man’s hand as my pets. I let them walk around my room or even on me – I still love spiders.

3) One thing I’ll never do again

Everyone learns from their mistakes. Well, not me! I am the kind of person who needs to be sure, so I keep making the same mistakes. But I’ll definitely never again trust someone telling me “let’s go for just one drink” 

4) You’ll never change my mind on 

Soo many things. I am very hard to convince once I make up my mind about something. But to give at least one example, toilet paper should roll out the wall, not towards it.

5) My biggest slay is… 

Probably my flexibility (I can do splits and other tricks) as it’s purely the result of my effort and hard work. I am flexible just because I decided I want to be.

6) My icon is…

Well, my nickname and my tattoos already give away two movies I love. Pitch Black and 5th Element.

7) Ruin a first date in four words…

Well, most of my first dates happen in the bedroom, and I am a super nice guy when it comes to that, but if you want 4 words: “I brought my mum” could be a kind of buzz killer 😀

8) I knew I was LGBTQ+ when…

I was changing with other classmates in the locker room for PE classes. It was a hard time – literally.

9) How I came out…

I can say I was really lucky. My first bf spent a weekend with me and my family in our house. Of course no one knew he is my boyfriend at first. Everything went really well and, when he finally left, my Mum came to my room and asked me if he was gay. I turn to her and told her that he was actually my boyfriend. She laughed and said she will kill me.

Since then, she made sure I know she loves me no matter what and helped me to come out to the rest of my family.

10) The piece of advice I would give my younger LGBTQ+ self…

I don’t think I would have some advice related to my LGBTQ+ as I was lucky, but I would definitely tell myself to learn more languages.


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ridick 7 onlyfans


ridick 7 onlyfans