1) My basics…

Francis (He/him).


2) You’d know me from…

Likely from my Instagram. I’m a well-known transgender man in the community. I am also known by a lot of the gay community, specifically cause people are often shocked about who I am.


3) My biggest slay

I would say my biggest slay is every day I live; because every day, I do my younger-self justice by living as my true self. Which is something I did not think I would be able to do as a child.


4) My icon is…

By far, Harvey Milk. He was such a beautifully spoken man with outstanding charisma. 


5) I could give you one piece of advice 

When you get down on yourself for not being where you want to be in life. Remember to take a moment and think about how far you have gotten and how much you have accomplished. 


6) You’ll never change my mind about…

That trans people deserve access to health care and that it should be covered by insurance.


7) My fav social platform 



8) If I could achieve one goal…

It would be to find a career that allows me to be happy, live comfortably and have hobbies.


9) You have to try…

A cuddle night with friends. It brings a whole new level of intimacy and love to your friend group. 


10) Follow me if…

You love thirst traps, silly videos, or educational trans-man-specific content



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