Zooming into 2021: New Zoom feature allows users to include their preferred pronouns




Well done, Zoom.


Love them or loathe them, Zoom meetings are part of our ‘new normal’ and they’re here to stay. 


Following on from the Instagram update allowing users to select their preferred pronouns as a profile feature (rather than having to add them manually in the bio), Twitter revealed that they would soon follow suit as part of an upcoming revamp, but it seems that Zoom have got in there before them.


In an official statement the video conferencing company said:


“Pronouns are an essential piece to many of our diverse users expressing themselves and respectfully referring to others. Some common examples of pronouns are he/him/his, she/her/hers, and they/them/theirs.

“While pronoun sharing can be particularly important to LGBTQ community members, we also recognize that it enables our users to better share about themselves and be more respectfully treated on our platform.

In introducing the Pronouns feature, we hope this will help everyone feel better able to express themselves and respectfully address others, which ultimately leads to a stronger culture of connectivity and an improved communications experience.”


Pronouns will be visible by default on the profile pages for accounts on the free Basic Zoom plan, as well as for accounts with a single licensed user. The feature is live from today! 


Check out the video below to see how to get yours on there!