Years and Years drop new tune Starstruck just in time for Summer



New music time… and it be smelling like SUMMER! 

Ah joy! Years and Years super fans have been wondering what new songs might sound like since the group disbanded last month, leaving Olly Alexander as a solo project under the same Y&Y name. Well, it looks like we have an answer… catchy as fu*k.

After teasing the song on Tiktok back in March, Olly took to Instagram to announce the new release, which is out now: 


Olly said of the track: “one night at a studio in the countryside outside of London. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen so many stars, you get used to them not being there when you live in the city.”

“Starstruck is about the rush you get when you’re with somebody you’re really into, it’s about holding onto a good feeling and not letting it go,” he continued.

“Like most of us, I’ve spent the past year at home. I wanted to create something super positive and fun for people (and myself) to bop along to. Whatever we’re doing or wherever we are in life, I think we all deserve three minutes of interstellar ecstasy.”


And he does not disappoint either. We LOVE IT.


Check out the lyric video the infectiously poptastic Starstruck below: