YAY! – It’s not just US that CBA with the gym RN



If there’s one MORE thing this last year has inflicted upon us all, it’s a serious case of the ceebs. We CBA to go to work, to work from home, have a shower, have sex, even have a wank. Everything’s just an effort and a half. 

WELL, we have some good news. He of the body beautiful and buffed up torso, Will Smith, has revealed to the world that he’s in the ‘worst shape’ of his life right now due to the pandemic and this own obvious case of the ceebs. OMG US TOO WILL!

Also making us feel better is Mark Wahlberg who usually also looks hot AF but now is also sporting a papa paunch. I mean, we still would. Other that pure laziness though, his is for a role in new flick as a boxer-turned-priest in Father Stu. He just HAD to put on 14kg in 3 weeks for the part. US TOO MARK!

We’d watch him even he has in Father Ted TBF but right now we’re living for these dad bods. How long can we drag this on for? Only time will tell.