Whoopi goes viral with on point reaction to Meghan McCain rant


While the fallout from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview rages on, you can always trust The View’s Meghan McCain to say something controversial. 


In a bizarre combative statement she declared that the British monarchy was ‘stupid’ and harked back to George Washington and the Founding Fathers whilst saying that Oprah and Meghan were going to bring down the establishment.


McCain was clearly pleased with her obviously pre-prepared comments but they went down like a shit sandwich with fellow host and all round kween Whoopi Goldberg, who’s reaction has gone viral. 


Looking like the dictionary entry for ‘bulldog chewing a wasp’, Goldberg gives a pregnant pause followed by the most withering ‘OK’ ever to be committed to film.


Twitter blew up and McCain clearly realised she probably took it a little too far  issuing the sort of non-apology she berates people for on the regs, saying on Twitter ‘All I can say is I do my best every single day and have the best of intentions in my heart’.


Judge for yourself in the clip below that has been watched over 4million times so far. Whatever way you look at it though, its damn good TV!