We are not alone! Pentagon will release incredible UFO sightings report by June 1


The truth, it seems, IS out there and we’re going to get to see it.


The former Director of National Security has said that a forthcoming report on UFO’s will be ‘difficult to explain’. The dossier has been deemed in the public interest so his former agency has until June 1 to publish it. 


John Ratcliffe, speaking to Fox News said ‘There are instances where we don’t have good explanations for some of the things that we’ve seen, and when that information becomes declassified, I’ll be able to talk a little bit more about that’


As well as pictures of UFO’s there are videos of objects appearing to move faster than the speed of sound without creating a sonic boom or move in ways that are impossible for us to replicate with our own technology.


Either way we are DOWN for some alien shit. Maybe they’ve already been here in the last year and thought ‘F*CK THAT!’ We wouldn’t blame them tbh.