Watch the trailer for Grindr’s debut original comedy series ‘Bridesman’

Bridesman c/o Grindr

The trailer for Bridesman, Grindr’s first streaming series, has arrived.


There’s a whole new way to have fun on Grindr and, unlike most of my personal hook-ups, this one is actually intentionally comical. 


Enter Bridesman, the gay social app’s first original comedy series, which will consist of six episodes and be available from the start of April. 


Starring The Other Two’s Jimmie Fowlie as Terry, a gay man invited to be the bridesman at his best girlfriend’s wedding. A role he accepts only because he sees the occasion as an opportunity to seduce the groom. Naturally. 


A host of exciting talent has been drafted in for Grindr’s debut TV series, including Benito Skinner aka BennyDrama, Sydnee Washington, Shannon DeVido, Crystal Porter-Bazemore, Megan Chelsea Johnson, David Mudge, and Calvin Seabrooks.

‘Bridesman’ on Grindr (Twitter:@ISMcGregor )

According to the official synopsis: Bridesman follows a “gay and awful” man named Terry as he is “forced to fulfill bridesmaid duties for his best friend despite his disdain for the construct of marriage and an electric sexual connection with the groom.”

“The series is an irreverent, fast-paced satire of modern wedding culture and the ‘old fashioned trend’ of monogamy,” the description continues. “Follow Terry and an unhinged ensemble cast of bridesmaids, detectives, a secret agent, and a demon from hell as the bridal party barely survives the wedding’s hallmark events, from the sexy bridal boudoir photoshoot to the bachelorette party.”


“It’s so exciting to create something as joyous as it is gay. We’re grateful that this talented team and Grindr are giving this project life,” John Onieal, the creator of Bridesman, said. “Finally we get to center the narrative on that gay in the bridal party.”


In 2021, following the announcement of Bridesman, Alex Black, Grindr’s Director of Marketing, said in a statement: 

“We’re thrilled to partner with John on Grindr’s first foray into long-form content,”

Bridesman is tailor-made for the Grindr community—it’s smart, queer, campy, and features sharp commentary on gay dating, heteronormative standards, and Grindr itself. We are so proud to be showcasing some of the finest talent in the queer community as we continue to find new and creative ways to connect our users.”


Bridesman drops on Grindr and on YouTube April 1. All six episodes will be available to stream on YouTube from April 4. We cannot WAIT! 


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Check out the trailer for Bridesman below: