WATCH: Russia’s very first anti-homophobia campaign launches on anniversary of Putin’s latest crackdown


A powerful new short film has been released in Russia, challenging mainstream anti-LGBTQIA+ attitudes in Russia at a time when they really do need the most. 


Roughly this time last year, Vladimir Putin changed the very constitution itself effectively banning gay marriage, a move that was supported by 77% of the Russian population. Now creative director Evgeny Primachenko and two performers have taken a huge risk of falling foul of the 2013 Gay Propaganda law by producing this incredible film, Sansara – We Will Become Better, that carries one clear message, love is universal.


The short piece has been met with resistance from media outlets who like the work but are afraid of the law and of course they have been met with a lot of hate as as well. The film’s Latvian director Andzej Gavriss had this incredibly powerful statement to say on the matter:


“Hate is easy. Love is hard. Because love demands you to open your cards. To be vulnerable. To be compassionate. It makes us want to understand each other, even when it seems so hard. Even the tiniest act of love beats hate. Hate of a thousand people is nothing compared to the love of one. Remember that. Love will eventually win.”


See for yourself below, the sort film Sansara – We Will Become Better.