You may not have heard of it, but be prepared for new queer animated show Q-Force, which revolves around ‘the first queer agents in the field ever’ and hits the streaming platform on September 2nd. 


Responses to the trailer have been mixed to say the least, with some saying it’s even mocking the queer community, which of course would be ridiculous as Netflix aren’t exactly going to do a project like this and not have it run by gays. 


The show was created by ‘just Jack’ himself Sean Hayes and Michael Schur, who cut his teeth on Parks and Rec. Of course, just gay sex-centric humour isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste and the queer community is so vast it can only really represent a small section. If this is what Sean Hayes and his pals talk like then let them have it FFS and it’s clearly just a trailer setting a tone. Plus, you don’t have to see yourself in ALL queer programming. 


The show has lined up a stellar cast including Hayes, Wanda Sykes, Gary Cole, Patti Harrison, Matt Rogers, David Harbour, and Laurie Metcalf. You can judge for yourself in the trailer below but we should always give something a chance (especially within our own community) rather than just criticise and write it off before it’s even had a chance to show. 

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