WATCH: LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS is back for a 2nd season (with a 3rd in 2022!)


Any fans of futuristic gender morphing queer science fiction are in for a TREAT as the Emmy Award winning series LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS is BACK on Netflix on May 14.

The anthology show caused something of a scandal when it was released in 2019, not because there are graphic depictions of cyberpunk sex, violent deaths, giant space spider queens manipulating your mind in order to fuck your brains out… no it was the running order

Each 10 minute or so vignette is a perfect little mini story (some more perfect than others), all directed by different creative minds and curated by the awesome auteur David Fincher. The art style changes throughout and some of them you can’t even tell are animated they look so spectacular. 

When it first came out, people got obsessed with the idea that Netflix had worked out your sexuality by checking out your viewing history and using an algorithm to change the running order of the 18 episodes accordingly. 

Netflix refuted this saying there were 4 different random orders and to calm the hell down. It sounds more like something that would happen in Black Mirror though, which isn’t a million miles away from LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS. The premise of the series is that it fucks with you idea of reality and sucks you into each world for a stand-alone story and boots you straight out again. 

Volume 2 arrives on May 14 and the fantastic news is that we won’t have to wait too long for Volume 3 as it drops next year!