WATCH: Lil Nas X Drops New Video (is everything) and Album Details

(Image @LilNasx Instagram)


Aaaaaaaand FINALLY *exhales in gay*. Lil Nas X has dropped the video for ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ – and it’s everything. Wonderfully queer and naughty in all the right ways. 

He also revealed that the new album will be out in summer – woohoo! 

The musician – who picked up a Grammy in 2019 for his mega-hit version of Old Town Road – can be seen playing Adam whilst getting seduced in the Garden of Eden, and then dancing in hell to the devil (also played by himself) – who he then gives a little lap dance to. So cute. 

To coincide with the release was a letter Lil Nas, 21, wrote to his 14-year-old self about the video in which he says: 


As with all highly-anticipated releases, the internet was quick the meme the video:


Of course, along with an outpouring of praise from the LGBTQI+ community, there too will no doubt come a shit-storm of of disgust and condemnation from from far-right, homophobic religious groups. From the lewks Lil Nas X is serving though, the whole vibe is: Bring. It. On. 

Now, for anyone questioning the relevance of religious references within the video, take a look at what else (ironically) is in today’s news: Catholic Church secretly lobbied against suicide hotline due to its LGBTQ support. *insert endless eye roll*

Anyway, we’re pretty excited for the new album. Here’s the video for MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name), for which we are LIVING: