US Capitol insurrectionist suffers abuse in custody because she’s trans, attorney says


The attack on the US Capitol building on January has gone down in history as a stain on democracy that will need unpicking and unpacking for years to come.


While Trump managed to evade prosecution (so far) for radicalising his followers with lies and conspiracies for months on end before setting them on the heart of the nation, his troops weren’t so lucky.


Th Oath Keepers are one of the more organised far right groups that took part in the riots. They are well known to the FBI and as the authorities round up those responsible (with no help from Trump or his multi -millions of dollars in donations, scalped from his supporters incidentally), some of the insurrectionists have been handing themselves in.


One such person is Jessica Watkins, who turned herself in to the Montgomery County Jail Ohio. Her attorney claims that she was treated more harshly in jail due to her trans status, including being refused medical attention and left naked in her cell with the lights on for 24 hours.


A trans rioter deserves the same rights and respect as any other detained person. The saddest fact in this case is that she was thrown out of the army for being trans, a policy that Biden is in the process of reversing.