UN report reveals LGBTQ+ children subjected to electric torture in Iran


A highly disturbing report on human rights violations in Iran has been published by the UN this past week it makes for difficult reading.


Published last Wednesday, the damning report details how ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender children were subjected to electric shocks and the administration of hormones and strong psychoactive medications.’


The shocking report goes under-reported as usual, despite its contents depicting the torturous and degrading treatment of children.


The British LGBTQ+ rights campaigner Peter Tatchell described the practises as akin to the ‘anti-LGBT+ medical treatments by the Nazis and other fascist regime’ adding that ‘Iran should be expelled from international medical associations and conferences’.    


Iran is notorious for its heinous track record of treatment of LGBTQ+ citizens where punishments include ‘100 lashes for homosexual intercourse or the death penalty, and 31 lashes for same-sex acts other than intercourse.’


This is the first report regarding barbarous medical attempts to ‘cure’ LGBTQ+ children, which makes it all the more chilling.