Turns out Polish ‘anti-LGBT zones’ are a rubbish idea and have massively backfired


You know when something seems like a really great idea and then turns out to be utter shite? Well yeah, that.


In what can only be described as cringing on an international stage, the mayor of one of the Polish towns that boldly declared itself an ‘anti LGBT zone’ has admitted that it was a horrible, horrible mistake.


The south eastern Polish town of Krasnik was one of a slew of prefectures that adopted anti-LGBTQ+ measures in 2019 in support of the extremely powerful Roman Catholic church and the right-wing conservative ruling bodies. 


Polish politician Wojciech Wilk told the New York Times “We have become Europe’s laughingstock, and it’s the citizens not the local politicians who’ve suffered most.” Now he says that the whole idea was a “symbolic and legally pointless gesture” which has since brought financial ruin to the town. 


The problem is the EU decided that this hideous idea was actually not in keeping with its own ethos and the already poor town has lost millions in federal funding as well as a $10 million funding grant from Norway. The point being that if this is the way they treat their own people, they ain’t going to be giving them any money. 


Now if only someone could send that Brussels sprout in an Elton John hairpiece that runs Chechnya the memo that vilifying, torturing and murdering LGBTQ+people in your own country is actually criminal then that part of the world would be a better place.