Trumped up Republican poster troll Marjorie Taylor Greene joins proposed bill banning rainbow flag


Nothing says ‘Happy Pride’ like a new bill intent on banning the rainbow flag from US¬†Embassies¬†the world over. Q-Anon nut job Marjorie Taylor Greene has struck again, proving what a horrendous little imp she is for the millionth time.¬†

Anyone who doesn’t know who ‘MTG’ is should count their lucky stars (and stripes). She’s a US Congresswoman who periodically squelches from beneath her rock to say something appalling – ¬†like being made to wear a mask was akin to the Nazis forcing Jewish people to wear a Star of David during the Holocaust. Yep, she’s THAT batshit and that last comment was even condemned by the spineless leader of the GOP, Kevin McCarthy.¬†

It’s not just anti-Semitism she’s a dab hand at, she’s also a racist and transphobic as well and spouts a good few of the Q-Anon conspiracy theories that are spreading across the USA like a cancer. Towing Trump’s Big Lie that he actually won the election, she plays directly into his base and she knows it.¬†

The bill in question here, which has a pitiful 20 Republican co-sponsors, would ban the use of the rainbow flag, or any other flag (such as a BLM flag quelle surprise) other than Old Glory at any US Embassy. The bill will never see the light of day with such a tiny amount of people signed up but it sure lets us know just who they are and what sort of agenda they are pushing. With Gerogian bog beast Marjorie Taylor Greene, we know just what she’s pushing – conspiracy, lies and hate.