Trolls turn on Chris Hemsworth for ‘skipping leg day’


When you’re a big hitter on Instagram with nearly 50 millions followers, you expect a little push back, even when you’re being super hot and über cute. 

This is what happened when Thor himself, actor Chris Hemsworth, posted the above cute snap on his page with a sweet comment about how his ‘little man’ wanted to be Superman when he grew up – hence the cape. the joke being of course that his own son wasn’t saying he wanted to be Thor like his papa. 

You can clearly see his giant arms but eagle eyed critics were swift to point out his skinny (by comparison) legs. Even his brother Luke commented ‘Bro?! You’ve been skipping leg days again?!’

Ouch, nothing like getting burned by your own brother on socials.  We’ve all been there, legs are notoriously hard to work with any discernible difference so if you’re training for a movie where you’re mainly getting your top off, why bother?

Of course we know nothing about the latter part of that sentence but we sure know about skipping leg day! Give the guy a break though, lord knows the majority of these trolls will be spending the summer covering up their own twiglet legs!

Thor: Love and Thunder is still in production but you can catch a lil fan made preview video below.