Trans teen murdered by her father in Georgia


The latest victim in the epidemic of trans murders in the USA is 19-year-old Kathryn Newhouse who was shot by her own father in their home in Cherokee County, Georgia. The father, Howard Newhouse, 57, then turned the gun on himself. 

The shocking tale is sadly all too familiar and there was already reports of domestic violence in the household. According to her brother, he said Kathryn had to leave a mental health facility before the pandemic to live with her parents which apparently  ‘led to stressful situations’.

Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents reported: “A native of Illinois, Kathryn was most recently living with her family in Canton, Georgia. Kathryn was a Minecraft and UberSpire enthusiast, an advocate for trans rights, had a bright smile, enjoyed changing up her hairstyles, and attentive to world events. She enjoyed hiking and sightseeing. She was proud of her AAPI heritage; she was of Filipino heritage. She believed the credo ‘Model best behavior in your own sphere, break down stereotypes, and speak out.”

While Republican’s grandstand and make trans people out to be predators, the damage is slowly and surely being done whether they believe it’s true or not. Dehumanising trans people directly correlates to the general public thinking they are fair game to be assaulted or murdered. This is an emergency and the longer it continues, the worse it will get.