Trans magician forced to cancel shows after receiving death threats from locals thinking her tricks will ‘make kids trans’


In another¬†example of the peril ¬†LGBTQ+ people are experiencing every day in the USA, Mikayla Oz, a trans woman magician in Gillette, Wyoming, cancelled a performance at the local county library due to death threats and claim she would ‘make kids trans’.


When you have politicians scaremongering and using trans kids as collateral in the current culture wars, you are just going to foster extreme views and violence. Seeing as Republicans are¬†ratcheting up the pressure, it’s trans people just trying to live their lives who ultimately suffer like in this case.¬†


Mikayla Oz is a nationally-recognised and award-winning magician who has been featured on multiple TV shows and media outlets, performing for children, teens and adults. Staff at the Campbell County Public Library had made an announcement that books were being stocked that facilitated people to talk about LGBT+ issues, it angered some small minded local people who began looking into the library more closely and discovered that Mikayla had been booked for a six-show run.

Putting two and two together and getting insanity, the mob clearly wound each other into a frenzy and decided that Mikayla’s magic tricks would be used to turn their kids trans. After receiving a barrage of hate and death threats, she cancelled the performance which caused outrage elsewhere in the state.¬†


In a statement, Mikayla wrote: ‘The past few days have been a whirlwind of emotions. I was supposed to do a six-show run today and tomorrow in the Gillette, Wyoming area.¬†However, this past weekend I was informed that the library made a post about some Rainbow books.
Rainbow books are books that often talk about LGBT+ Content and Issues. These books are meant to help serve someone who might be struggling or have family who is struggling with gender identity, sexuality, etc.’¬†


She continued: ‘A small group of people who were upset by this decided to research into the library and found me, a woman of a trans experience.¬†They started pushing around the idea that because I was a trans woman, my shows would then sexualise minors, turn kids trans and in turn, expose kids to paedophilia.¬†Let me be very clear – all of the shows that were to be held in Gillette, Wyoming, were family-friendly magic shows.’


The threats are being looked into and Mikayla has been sent messages of support from all over but it nevertheless highlights the fact that words lead to actions and with trans people literally in the political firing line right now, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.¬†



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