This 2013 Lindsay Lohan interview is giving us serious 2021 creeps


Ah they always say that hindsight is 20/20, well at the moment hindsight is goddamn 20/21. With world starting to wake up to the fact that perhaps we weren’t the kindest to Britney, every time we look at things from the past that might have seemed a bit creepy at the time, in 2021 they now look hella rank.


Take Lindsay Lohan for example. A clip has resurfaced from an interview she did with David Letterman in 2013. back then he was king of the late-night talk show but his attitude and line of questioning are all kinds of wrong.


We all know Lohan’s past when it comes to drug problems and Letterman uses this as some sort of stick to beat her with as well as for ‘comedy value’. Not only does he spring the ‘questions’ on her after not mentioning the in the pre-interview, she asks him to “stop” and his actions bring her to tears by the end.


So, if you’re up for watching the sort of pale, male and stale ‘entertainer’ that you couldn’t escape on late night TV at the time, then cringe as he attempts to demolish a young woman with well documented mental health and addiction issues, what better place to start? Like Justin, let’s hope we get and an apology from Letterman now too.


Watch the unbelievably uncomfortable clip below: