The Crown’s Emma Corrin updates pronouns as they embark on ‘new journey’



The star who played Princess Diana in the Netflix royal drama updated their pronouns to she/ they on Instagram.



Corrin also uploaded a new photoshoot by artist David-Simon Dayan, where they are pictured looking phenomenal and sporting a binder (a garment worn to compress a persons breasts). Binders are often worn by trans and non-binary people, helping to alleviate chest dysphoria.


The star captioned the image: “Some time before I bought my first binder, messing around with @sirdavidsimon, we used boxing wrap, thanks for capturing this with me, very intimate, very new, very cool. It’s all a journey right. Lots of twists and turns and change and that’s ok! Embrace it”, commenting also to “bind safely”.


Corrin had previously revealed they identified as queer when sharing a picture in a wedding dress (for POP Magazine) captioned “ur fave queer bride”.


Looking awesome, Emma! 


Emma in The Crown below: