Texas passes law banning abortion after just 6 weeks


Despite having President Joe Biden in the White House and Democrats in control of the House and Senate, some parts of the USA are determined to turn back the clocks and transform the nation into Gilead.

Texas has just passed a so called ‘foetal heartbeat’ law that would mean any doctor who performed an abortion after about 6 weeks could be sued by any member of the public. Companies such as Planned Parenthood can also be sued by private citizens for carrying out abortions.

Most women don’t even know they are pregnant before the 6 week point and it must be said that EVERY 6-week abortion ban has been stricken down by the supreme court eventually.

Unfortunately that takes time and, in the meantime, people who are in need of the procedure but can’t afford to leave the state to do it, so some of the most vulnerable members of society, are the ones that will be most affected and potentially have their lives put in danger. The law would come into force in December unless it is stopped in the courts. 

Abortion is of course an extremely polarising subject in the USA with Trump promising to roll back Roe vs Wade thereby making it illegal on more than one occasion. These new laws give more rights to the unborn child than they do for living children or even the mother. A woman’s body is her own and she should ALWAYS have the right to choose.