Super Nintendo World opens and we are LIVING for the Mushroom Kingdom goodness


Despite numerous pandemic related delays, Super Nintendo World finally opened its warp pipe to the public this week at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan.


Mario and friends were supposed to arrive on the scene last year in time for the Tokyo Olympics and, well… we know how that went. 


The Nintendo brand is at an all time high, with the Switch console on track to outsell the Wii which cracked the 100 million unit mark as of 2019. With games like Animal Crossing, the system has been a saviour for people stuck at home around the world this past year. 


Now (if you happen to be in Japan anytime soon) you get to visit the physical manifestation of the games you grew up with and it looks flawless. Unfortunately the US version at Universal Studios in Florida has been pushed back to 2024/5 but we’ve waited this long for Princess Peach to show us her around her castle, what’s a bit longer?


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