Students go into battle for sacked gay Cheerleading coach

Students cheer on their coach (pic Toni McAllister/Patch)

Students and parents at Marietta Valley High School in Southern California have taken the cheer-ocracy to the bureaucracy after their cheer and stunt coach was fired for being gay, according to a lawsuit claiming he was unlawfully terminated. 


Michael Henderson was head of the cheer and stunt program for three years, even taking the team to the National Cheerleading Championship this year and placing an incredible fourth. We’ve all seen Bring It On so we KNOW how shit hot it is to come fourth.


Not so apparently according to some disgruntled parents as a letter had been sent to the school launching an investigation into his ‘coaching style’ and he was promptly fired. 


In a statement, Henderson’s Terry Davis attorney said: ‘The anonymous letter was sent to MVUSD [Murrieta Valley Unified School District] by what is believed to be a couple of disgruntled cheer parents who were angry with their child’s position or participation level in the team.’


According to Davis, one of the board of trustees ‘made calls to several unnamed sources impeding due process of the investigation’ and that ‘one question related to his sexual orientation raised red flags leading many to believe that it was a substantial factor in the district’s decision to terminate.’


The students took to the streets in protest and are distraught and heartbroken with not one single case of abuse or bad coaching coming to light. Let’s hope the kids get their coach back and in the meantime we’ll be waiting for the Lifetime movie…