Stop what you’re doing. Years and Years cover Lil Nas X’s MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)



They’re giving the gays everything they want.


We’ve said an annoying amount of times how Years and Years’ Starstruck and Lil Nas x’s MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) are absolutely our queer bangers of the Summer for Pride 2021. 


So imagine our gay delight to have one covering the other! 


Olly Alexander recorded an acoustic cover of Lil Nas X’s global smash during his Apple Home Session, telling Apple Music: “When I first heard MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) I wanted to take off all my clothes and run screaming through the street”.

“The song is already perfect so I just wanted to have fun doing an acoustic version and seeing if I could sing all the parts in my range—which was a challenge, but I love it! Watching Lil Nas X’s ascent has been so exciting and inspirational to myself as a gay artist.”


Take a listen below!