Spice Girls ‘with Victoria Beckham’ release Pride t-shirt (and THIS time 100% goes to charity)


It seems like a world away when Victoria Beckham ‘designed’ a £95 t-shirt in 2019 with a George Micheal slogan on the front in honour of Pride and decided only 25% of the proceeds would go to charity. 

Well luckily, she seems to have come to her senses by collaborating with the Spice Girls themselves this time (yes we though she was always going to be a Spice Girl too but perhaps they just mean she’s selling them through her website). 

These new Pride t-shirts are a slightly less steep £80 and ALL the proceeds go to AKT – a LGBTQ+ youth homelessness charity based in London. Phew – we thought for a second there last time that VB was using Pride to make a bit of cash which would, of course, NOT be very Spice Girls of her.

You can still get the ‘Listen Without Prejudice’ t-shirts on her website FYI and yes still only 25% goes to AKT which would mean over 75 quid goes into the making of a printed white tee which, as we all know from shopping at H&M, are a pricey purchase. 

You can buy the Wannabe inspired t-shirt HERE and there’s a bag too, doncha know.