Six reasons to be thankful for your queerness this Thanksgiving

Author: Stephanie

As Thanksgiving approaches, during a time where many of us will be seeing family for the holigays, reuniting with old friends and maybe even stepping inside a church (yikes) it can be easy for old feelings of shame to come up.

Before you back into the closet for the season, remember who you are and why being queer is something to celebrate! These are some reminders that are help me:


1) As someone who is “different” I am more accepting of others’ differences. I’ve created a safe space where people can show me their uniqueness because I’ve revealed mine.


2) On that note, every queer person is unique! Yes we have our stereotypes (I’m not budging on my iced coffee addiction), but I love that every one of us has our own special traits & quirks. Nothing boring here.


3) Expressing myself gives me more confidence in other areas. So while I probably still wouldn’t show up to my Thanksgiving dinner wearing nothing but a pride flag (I mean, you do you) but after coming out, my style has changed and I’m rocking items (and haircuts) I would’ve been afraid to before.


4) Our queerness brings us together! The LGBTQ fam is the most accepting & loving community you could ask for. I’m thankful for the people I’ve met along this journey, especially those who have been there for me every step of the way. You’re not alone.


5) We are helping change the world just by being ourselves. Choosing to be us no matter what the world says helps it to shift in a more positive & open direction. Simply being you, is impacting the world around you.


6) Being queer is FUN! It’s an adventure and it’s important to focus on the exciting aspects. Enjoy it and try not to take yourself too seriously.


Author profile: Stephanie, pansexual, she/her. Follow Stephanie on Instagram right here