SIGN THIS PETITION: An attack on the trans community is an attack on all LGBTQI+ people


Recognising the ‘LGB Alliance’ – which excludes trans and non-binary people from their agenda – as a registered charity in the UK is an attack on our entire community, and it’s being done in some of our names.

We recently reported that the LGB Alliance has just been recognised in the UK as a registered charity by the Charity Commission

The group (formed in 2020) purport to “advance the interests of LGB people”, however trans support, rights and even co-existence does not seem to be on their agenda. 

In fact, in a celebratory social media post celebrating their new found charity status, they signed off with the hashtag #SexNotGender.

They do NOT speak for the LGBTQI+ community at large. Simply by exclusion, they are discriminating. They should NOT hold a charitable status.

As a COMMUNITY we have to fight this action and say that it’s not okay. Respect ALL queer identities, or you respect NONE.

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