Sex and the City, like Friends and all the other 90s/2000s sitcoms, had some pretty archaic views on LGBTQ+ people. We’d warn you to take Ugly Betty with a GIANT pinch of salt, for example, when it comes to the main trans character being the butt of many an offensive ‘joke’.

Well it looks like the SATC reboot And Just Like That… is hoping to right its past wrongs with the casting of actor Grey’s Anatomy’s Sara Ramírez as queer and non-binary podcaster Che Diaz who has Carrie on their show.

The show is going to have HUGE Samantha-shaped hole in the shape of Kim Cattrall. Ramírez killed it as Callie in Grey’s Anatomy with superb comic timing and is a firm fan favourite – becoming the longest running LGBTQ+ main character in TV history, going on to play another queer role in Madam Secretary

Sara has a giant following on Twitter so is a huge ‘get’ for the show. They announced the casting this week and we cannot WAIT to see what they come up with for the character.  And Just Like That… will be a 10-part limited series on HBO Max later in the year. 

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