Right wing host blames COVID outbreak on ‘demonic’ Milo Yiannopoulos (but we thought he was an ex gay?!)


We just LIVE for stories like this! Full of crazy religious rantings and gay shaming shenanigans that you have no choice but to laugh your tits off at.

So, only mere weeks after cringe-fest¬†Milo Yiannopoulos announced that he was binning his engagement bauble and turning his back on homosexuality, he’s gone on a far-right Christian talk show and been promptly blamed for giving everyone COVID.¬†

After Milo hosted last Wendesday’s ‘TruNews’, apparently the staffers all got deathly ill and guest host Lauren Witzke, a former Republican Senate candidate, has blamed it on having ‘Satan’s¬†favourite sodomite’ on. Lauren’s also Q-Anon believer AND a¬†flat-earther btw!

Poor Milo, even now he’s an ex gay, the devil still follows him around like a bad smell. Not dogs though, he claimed on the show that since he wasn’t gay, they don’t bark at him any more. Sometimes you wonder whether this isn’t all just a big elaborate prank or a REALLY long piece of performance art. Either way, here’s coco-bananas Lauren to tell you ALL about it. ¬†