Ricky Martin ‘paralysed by fear’ from homophobic abuse after posting pic with husband


Here we are just a day after Pride month ended and it’s business as usual for the homophobic trolls, as Ricky Martin has just found out. 


After posting an adorable shot from a magazine shoot where he and his husband are embracing, he received a backlash that caught him unawares.  “What I did not expect, especially after all the work that has been done for so many years, is that a large number of people decided to stop following us or comment in a derogatory way.”


He continued in a statement about how the horrible messages had thrown up a lot of old feelings, saying: “Of course, it is not the number of followers that worries me, it is the message behind their decision that has caused me the same feeling that I had years ago before sharing my sexual orientation publicly.”


Ricky concluded on a positive note, choosing to rise above the bullshit and take strength from it,  “You are not alone, there is a great community that awaits you with open arms. You are worth a lot, don’t forget it please. Sexuality is one complicated thing. It’s not black and white. It’s filled with colors.”


We’re pretty sure followers of Ricky Martin would know about his struggles with his sexuality and how he’s flourished as a now-married man and father of four, so you’d have though they’d be happy for him. It’s so disappointing that STILL ‘fans’ feel the need to make stars feel shit about themselves simply because their sexuality doesn’t fit how you want them to be. GROWTHEFUCKUP. 


Ricky Martin ‘paralysed by fear’ from homophobic abuse after posting pic with husband