Record turnout for Budapest Pride in defiance of new anti-LGBTQ law


Thousands of people took the streets at the weekend for Budapest Pride at the weekend in defiance of the anti-LGBTQ+ laws passed recently by the right wing government.


This is what Pride is all about, showing the world that the queer community in Hungary will not be silenced. The new laws shockingly conflate homosexuality and pedophilia, ostensibly saying that they are protecting the children of Hungary by banning positive representation of LGBTQ+ lives in film, TV, advertising and literature. 


Hungary is part of the EU and the bloc is already mounting a legal challenge to the Hungarian government, hitting them where it hurts, financially. 


Organisers said it was the biggest turn out in the event’s 26 year history and it goes to show that no matter how you try and silence or erase us, you well never defeat us, we will come back bigger and stronger and better.