All roads seem to stem from the demise of Rush Limbaugh at the moment. The wildly homophobic radio presenter died this week leaving a legacy of hate that conservatives are going all out to praise for some reason.


Evangelical Christianity has always positioned itself as the antithesis to LGBTQ+ equality, pedalling hate despite the Bible supposedly preaching the opposite. This week in LA, the conservative Adventure Church has seemingly moved into the queer-friendly Los Angeles’ Tower Theatre.


Queer locals, who hold inclusive service there every Sunday, were enraged when a sycophantic tribute to Limbaugh was emblazoned on the front of the theatre. 


Next up is televangelist Pat Robertson, who’s comments on the Christian Broadcasting Network have resurfaced in the wake of Limbaugh’s death. Despite trying to bury the clip, Robertson can be seen saying that gay people wear a ring that when they shake your hand, it cuts you, infecting you with HIV. Words fail us. 

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