Queer British designer ‘redresses’ problematic anti-LGBT statue as part of inspired art project


There has been a global reckoning when it comes to statues and what they represent since the race riots of last summer and the removal of many of them for their representation of colonial figures. 


As part of the Sky Arts¬†Statues Redressed¬†exhibition in Liverpool where 20 artists have ‘redressed’ 50 statues, the Daniel Lismore has given a statue of Disraeli at Charles Bell Church a thoroughly modern lewk.


Historians and biographers have long debated the life and work of Disraeli. He was renowned as a very flamboyant dresser and had a history of intimate relationships with other men leading to questions about his sexuality. As with many closeted men he implemented a number of vicious anti-homosexuality imposed by Britain across the Empire which modern society is still trying to unpick to this day. 


Knowing his history, Lismore was the perfect fit and frankly Disraeli is looking a lot better after his makeover. We think dressing up the statues is an inspired way of encouraging conversation and dealing with some difficult truths about Britain’s cultural history. Learn more about Lismore and his work in the inspired TED Talk below.