Queer and romantic ways to celebrate your anniversary

Author: Peter Minkoff

Is it already your anniversary??

So how are you going to celebrate your special day? Dinner and a walk are a little too boring and too pedestrian for LGBTs, right? To make your anniversary special, romantic, fun and queer, here are a few ideas to copy or adapt to you and your partner’s preferences: 


Go stargazing! 

How many times did you have the opportunity to go out and see the stars if you live in a big city? Not that many probably. Well, give your SO the gift of starlight by packing them in your car and driving somewhere secluded so you can watch the stars. Make sure to pack plenty of snacks and learn how to start a fire so you can prepare delicious s’mores. And if you catch a glimpse of a falling star, make a wish and it will come true! 


Camp in a treehouse.


If you feel like both of you are overburdened with adult responsibilities, why not book a stay in a treehouse? This anniversary idea will make you feel like a couple of teenagers on their first night together. Enjoy the wilderness, spend time in nature and you will come back home happy, rejuvenated and with many great memories and pictures. There’s nothing as romantic as sipping wine high in the canopy. 


Go horseback riding.

If you want to swipe your partner off of their feet, take them horseback riding on a ranch. Dress up in your best Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal cosplay and enjoy the scenic places as you exchange looks full of love and lust. A beach ride or a mountain trail ride will be a perfect spot for your queer romance to unfold. 


Dress up and go to a speakeasy. 

No matter if you’re into role-play or not, try treating your loved one with a whole day 1920s adventure. Start the day by sending them flowers (! hot tip for Australian readers:  Beautiful Blooms Boutique offer stunning flower arrangements and you can order same day flower delivery in Penrith and truly surprise your partner at home or work!) The flowers can hold a note that tells your SO to dress up for the evening date—this will definitely build the excitement. Put on something that’s closest to the Roaring Twenties fashion and spend an evening in a speakeasy. It’s an exclusive and romantic environment that will definitely get you in a naughty mood. 


Book a spa date.

If you’re in dire need of relaxation, a spa day will be just what you both need. Book an anniversary package and enjoy a relaxing couple’s massage, bubbly, and even a private room with a Jacuzzi. This is a perfect opportunity to be truly alone, without a worry, and enjoy each other’s company and bodies (wink, wink). 


Go to a drive-in theater.

Here’s another perfect anniversary date idea for all queers—drive-in theater! If you have an opportunity to visit one, don’t miss it. Pick a romantic movie (or something scary so you can hold hands and snuggle to each other) and fill your car with popcorn and sweets. Expect a lot of fun, chatter, touching and kissing—drive-in theaters are not actually about the movies. If you can’t find a drive-in near you, you can certainly have an evening in an open-air theater for a similar, but a little less private date. 


Have a night-at-the-museum date! 

Museums are neither boring nor reserved for daytime. Check out what your museum offer and pick a night opening with cool lighting, music, interesting interactive exhibits and cocktails. Expect a lot of amazing photos, cool shared experiences and don’t miss a chance to look at your partner’s eyes filled with wonder. 


Author profile: Peter Minkoff, gay, he/him.

Peter is a gay lifestyle writer at Queer Voices magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

Peter Minkoff