We don’t put a lot of Putin related news on GLUE, like how his political opponent Alexei Nevalny is slowly dying in prison or how he’s amassing troops on the Ukraine border. Pah!


This week, however, Putin gets the honour of being on GLUE as he has signed into law some constitutional changes that mean not only he can stay in power until 2036 but also, in the small print, he has effectively banned gay marriage in the same fell swoop.


What a guy! These new laws also give him lifetime immunity from prosecution. It’s no wonder Trump licked his macho Russian ass so much, he’s doing everything he’d have loved to have done if it wasn’t for those pesky liberals on the loony left! 


According to the Associated Press, these changes were backed by up to 78% of Russian voters last July and this week those changes came to fruition. It’s not a great time to be LGBTQ+ in that part of the world right now as Putin continues to play down the atrocities carried out in Chechnya


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